Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pro-2006 with OptoScan456

A Pro-2006 with OptoScan456 interface with a copy of Probe 7 software went for $149 on eBay today:

Realistic PRO-2006 programmable scanning receiver with OptoScan456 circuit board is in excellent and clean cosmetic condition.  The Opto-electronic board allows the scanner to be connected to a computer via RS-232.  Comes with its original scanners owner's manual, telescopic antenna, and box. Also included is the OptoScan456 owner's manual and installation guide.  Its LCD display is clear, and the electroluminescent backlight is still bright.  Model number 20-145a S/N 066514.

The PRO-2006 features 400 programmable scanning channels, with user-selectable scanning speeds of 26 channels per second or 13 channels per second. It provides direct access to over 196,000 frequencies, with nearly continuous coverage from 25 MHz to 1300 MHz in AM, narrow-band FM, and wide-band FM modes.

Also included is a professional opto scanning software called Probe version 7.  Probe comes with original install disk and manual.   See the following URL for details on the probe software:

Probe really enhances the capabilities of the scanner.  The software expands the scanner’s capacity to 4000 groups, with each group containing 99 banks with 1000 frequencies per bank.  Also it adds special scanning modes and computer logging.

Scanner has been tested and appears to be working correctly, but is being sold as is. 

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