Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pro-2006 links on the web

One of the first things I did after getting the Pro-2006 was to search Google for resources on the web. Surprisingly, there weren't as many as I had remembered seeing in years past. I imagine that, as this receiver ages, there are few web pages kept up-to-date. Many seems to be dead links or no longer exist. But there are a few good ones left:

eham reviews:

I was especially interested in software that would work with the CE-232 serial interface. Sadly, many of the people who created software for the scanner are no longer providing it. One was Redshift (this links to a Wayback archive):

There is one package, Pro-Turbo, that still appears to be in existence (although the web page hasn't been updated in 7 years):

One kind soul still had a copy posted of Bill Cheek's original DOS program CE232 (also called HB232) that accompanied the CE-232 board:

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  1. I've dug out my old PRO-2006 and found it to still be working. I had purchased RedShift (the latest version I have is I am looking for anyone who has a copy of the documentation available. I foolishly tossed it some years ago.
    Thanks in advance,
    tom snyder